About the Shows

The Eclecitc Collective presents...

Memento Mori

Based on Jonathan Nolan’s short story of the same name, Memento Mori is a white-knuckled adaptation that follows a man’s struggle for vengeance, while simultaneously suffering from a condition that encapsulates his life to a short-term memory span of ten minutes. But how can he trust anything around him when he can't even trust himself?

The Elaborate Rouse presents...

No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogelberg

No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogelberg tells the story of dead married couple Tim and Lynn realizing that being in heaven does not equate to resting in peace. Through ethereal travel, celebrity sex, and a responsible use of glitter cocaine, St. Peter, Tim's Nana Millie, and Amy Winehouse help the couple redefine eternal love when they are faced with a literal eternity.

The Neighborhood Watch presents...


A musical adaptation of Daniel Swenson’s short story of the same name, BURN follows a brother on his search for his sister Alexa, a stubborn young woman with the ability to telepathically summon fire. Three actors play a dozen different characters all set to a folk-rock score that releases the inner tensions and irreversible releases when revenge and desperation go too far.

[REALITY PENDING] presents...

The Mystery of the Blue Jar

The Mystery of the Blue Jar, based on the Agatha Christie’s short story, is a mysterious tale with hints of the supernatural that follows war veteran Jack Hartington as he navigates otherworldly forces and joins with psychologist Dr. Lavington and a beautiful stranger Felise Marchaud on a journey towards the blue jar, a seemingly magical relic that may hold the key to his problems.

Alcohol, Honey, & Sh*t presents...


Prophetic ice cream. A sinister Collector. A sacrifice gone wrong. BEAST: A folk tale for the Digital Age, follows Angela, an outsider of the whimsically crappy, middle-of-nowhere Bastardville, as she races to save her town’s beast from a villainous beast Collector.

(All Photos from May 2017 Workshops - Miles Sullivan Photography)